Google Ads

Search Engine Optimisation

We offer SEO as a service, helping your brand get higher on search results organically, as opposed to Pay Per Click where you pay to be at the top for your keywords.

Meta Description
Content Generation


The meta description content is written for you, keyword rich and the perfect length to help search engines understand the content that is on the page. This allows them to ensure the content they’re about to deliver is relevant to the search. 

Page Titles


We’ll set your page titles for each page, product and post. This again helps search engines determine the relevance of your page to the search, and also displays to the user in the larger blue text of the search results. 


Content Tag Changes

Our SEO specialist will set the correct correct tags for your content. For example, H1, H2, H3, and P. This tells the search engine what to look for as a round-up or short description of the content section or paragraph on the page. 

Image Adjustments


Our specialists, based in Stourbridge, will perform adjustments to the meta attached to the images. For example, Alt tags, Image Titles, and descriptions. As search engines don’t physically look at the images to determine what they are, they will use this to determine what they show and if they are relevant to the content.


Keyword Research


Based on your desired keyword results, we’ll determine search volume and likelihood of appearing high in the search. As well as looking for more keywords that may be profitable.

Server Response Times and Loading Speeds

Our engineers will analyse your website for loading speed and initial response times so that your site is fast for your potential customer and so you’re not penalized by the search engine. This is done through enhancements made server side, such as caching, JavaScript and CSS load sizes and compression of content.