Web Design

The four things you'll need...

Domain Name

The domain name of a website is what users type in to get to your website, e.g. webdesignstourbridge.co.uk or tpit.uk. Basically anything you want followed by .uk, .com, .co.uk and many more. 


Web Hosting is what actually keeps your site, emails and databases up and running. We use Dedicated servers in Manchester for the best uplink speeds to the whole of the UK.


The design aspect is the planning and generation of the general look and functionality of the website, whether it’s there to inform, sell or both.


SSL Certificates provide site security and the green browser padlock. These are becoming increasingly important. Click on the icon above for more info.

Have any Questions?

You can also email our support team at [email protected].

Now, what kind of website do you want?

Standard Informative Site

Normally 1-5 pages, standard informative sites are perfect for businesses on a budget.

Normally contains a Homepage, About, Services and Contact Page.

We’ll generate and check all the content for you, getting your business online as soon as possible at the lowest cost possible.

Responsive Website

Responsive or “flashy” websites are perfect for bigger business with more of a budget. 

Great for giving a wow-factor to your customers, with moving parts and increased functionality like online booking systems etc. 

We allow you to choose exactly how it will look before we even start. So you have full control over the project. Start to finish.

Contact us to find out more.

Online Stores

Online stores can be extremely complex things to set up. Lucky you have us to do it for you.

We can enter your products, categories and manufacturers for you to save you that extra time.

Need us to manage the store, stock and products? Not a problem. Contact us today for a plan or chargeable time agreement for product additions, category changes and general maintenance.